Lately I've been into lose t-shirts. Especially to cute ones. Those with patterns are the best ones, since you can wear them with simple trousers or a skirt. Also this style is really easy and cute.

This kind of girly look is simple but usable. Like, when you go to school or shopping with your friends, it's perfect! Adding a nice hat and matching bag makes the look perfect!  I just love these t-shirts ~


Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! It's been a long time..... nearly a year! I decided to start writing this blog again, since I recently found the interest to do it. I'm now studying to become a designer-stylist in Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences.

You can see the new look of my blog. It's not so j-rock style anymore, but do you still like it? I think this represents my current style better. As you can see, I also removed all the old entries... sorry. I just felt that since I will transform this into a new blog, I should get rid of those.... :D

So other than about fashion & my life what do you guys wanna read? I will update the progress of some of my school works here also but if you guys want to see some tutorials etc. just tell me. You can leave a comment so I'll know what you want :)